The Upper Midwest Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience was officially approved as a chapter in 2021. The idea for a chapter in this region came from discussions among neuroscience researchers at UW-Green Bay, UW-Stevens Point, Michigan Technological University, Lawrence University, and Northern Michigan University. Dr. Todd Hillhouse (UW Green Bay) was the primary organizer in this effort and ultimately filed the petition and proposed bylaws to the national SfN office. In 2022, a membership poll was sent to universities in the upper Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula providing an initial member for this new chapter of 15. Among these members, Dr. Hillhouse was elected president and Dr. Adam Prus (NMU) was elected Secretary and Treasurer.  Our first faculty counselors were Dr. Elizabeth Becker (Lawrence University), Dr. Sean Mooney-Leber (UW-Stevens Point), and Dr. Kevin Trewartha (MTU). The chapter also had two student councilors: Cat Chu (Lawrence U) and Kaitlyn Partridge (UWGB).   The UMCSfN will held its first meeting on Saturday, April 1st, 2023 in Green Bay, WI.


Todd M. Hillhouse, Ph.D.


University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Adam J. Prus, Ph.D.

Secretary and Treasurer

Northern Michigan University

Elizabeth A. Becker, Ph.D


Lawrence University

Sean Mooney-Leber, Ph.D.


University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Kevin M. Trewartha, Ph.D.


Michigan Tech University


Kaitlyn Partiridge

Student Counselor

Cat Chu

Student Counselor

Uma R. Chatterjee

Student Counselor